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 Gallery Closing Party 

 Saturday, July 23rd, 2016 5PM 

Dear Friends of Gallery 295,


It is with heavy hearts that we are announcing the closure of Gallery 295.


Over the last four years, Gallery 295 has performed all of its operations through the hard work of its volunteer team, which includes myself (Michael Love), Patryk Stasieczek, Jason Gowans, and our long list of dedicated interns. This curatorial project was initiated with the support of The Lab through the thoughtful donation of the gallery space to the Vancouver arts community. The encouragement we have received from this community over these years has far exceeded our expectations and speaks to the strength and integrity of Vancouver’s art scene.


The decision to close weighs heavily on us as we recognize the need for an emerging photographic space in Vancouver, given its rich history of photographic practice. Patryk and I plan to continue working on future curatorial projects together and we are proud of all of the relationships fostered through Gallery 295. The saddest part is our inability to continue with the programming we had scheduled well into 2017.


We would like to thank The Lab’s owners, Hieu Nguyen and Malcolm Duff, for the support they have given us throughout this project; from the discounts for artists and volunteers, to the thirty-foot roof over our heads. Their support has allowed Gallery 295 to thrive for as long as it has as a volunteer organization, and their encouragement for young artists is known.


To our community, thank you for all of your kind support over the years. We are proud of the exhibitions that we have been able to present, and the strength of work the artists have exhibited at Gallery 295. We look forward to engaging with you in other capacities as both artists and administrators in the coming years.


Kindest regards,


Michael Love